-There is beauty and strenght in diversity- a project made with love by Larisa Gancea-


Her name is Jeimy Mopan and I met her last year in a German course we were both attending. She studies Business at the University of Regenburg and her dream is to start a company that builds better houses for her people in Colombia. She is a true representation of the people from many tribes and she is very proud of that.

Jeimy has a kind and warming soul and she is full of life . Art has an important meaning in her life so she spends her free time painting and dancing salsa. Her illustrations are so beautiful and so colorful, exactly like her personality. The leaf she has painted on herself symbolizes the beginning of a new life in which humans live together at peace with the Mother Nature. It protects her against bad dreams and experiences and it always help her start fresh and overcome any obstacle. When I photographed her, she was not just a client, she was a story teller. She told me about her culture, her passions, her family and about how important her origin is to her. She wanted to take pictures like this not only to show the world who she really is, but also to gift the photographs to her grandfather and to show him that she will never forget where she is coming from and she will always be proud of her heritage.


About the project

I believe there is so much beauty in diversity and that we must learn to except ourselves the way we truly are . Being proud of our culture and of what makes us what we are today is something we should celebrate and cherish forever.

I started this project because I want to show the world how unique and beautiful every individual is. The pictures you will see will be followed by a short story about the subject I photographed. My themes are : culture, origins and dreams. So if that is something you are interested in, stick around because a lot of new stories will follow.