Elisabeth& Laurentiu; wedding in the German Alps



Together is a beautiful place to be. At least that is what this wedding made me think.

I met Laurentiu and Elisabeth one year ago when they contacted me to photograph their wedding and engagement. I just started my photography business back then and they were my first real  couple to photograph, I will be forever grateful for the trust they had in me. I fell in love with their bright personalities and I was so happy to be the one documenting their love every step of the way: an authentic romantic German-Romanian wedding.

The wedding location was beyond magical. With rustic décor, welcoming staff and a view that takes your breath away, Duftbräu was the perfect place for this 2 to celebrate their special day.

While Elisabeth and Laurentiu were getting ready, outside started to snow and the slow dance of the snowflakes set the mood to a calming, filled with happiness perfect wedding day.

The love Elisabeth & Laurentiu have for each other is shining through every single picture I took and they made me appreciate my “job” a thousand times more, because there is nothing more beautiful than documenting a strong feeling that bounds two hearts for eternity.

Happy guests, true love, precious moments filled with tradition and a party that nobody wanted to end. That is how I would describe their wedding! Thank you for letting me tell your story! Press play, enjoy the gallery and stay tuned for the after wedding shoot at Zugspitze, again with this lovely couple !

Lots of love, Larisa


Location: www.duftbraeu.de

Flowers: Blumen-Manu-Faktur
Website: www.blumen-manu-faktur.de
Email: info@blumen-manu-faktur.de
Cake: d'Speiskammer Elisabeth Riedl
Website: www.speiskammer.de
Email :post@de.speiskammer.de
Dress : Flamenco München
Website : www.flamenco-munich.de
Email : info@flamenco-munich.de
Designer: Martina Liana
Website : www.essensedesigns.com/martina-liana/
Makeup: Mima Beauty
Website: http://mima-beauty.de
Email : mail@mima-beauty.de
Accessoires :Auerbach Berlin
Website : https://www.auerbach.berlin
Email: kontakt@auerbach.berlin 


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