Eva & Jakob -couple session


"You bring out the best in me. I don’t mean better manners, or a sense a maturity, or whatever else this tired world expects of me. I mean you make me want to climb roofs, run wild and act inappropriately, take risks and pursue my dreams with passion and integrity. Around you, I start living." -Beau Taplin: The Best in me

Love is finding home in one another. Love is climbing mountains and standing together in the rain. Literally and figuratively speaking. Love is easy, yet hard to find. Love is pure but sometimes messy. And if it's real, it's MAGIC. That is why love is my favorite thing ever to "put in a scene" and capture. For me love is a feeling trapped in a memory. Even if it fades with time, you can always bring it back to life while looking at the pictures. 

Eva and Jakob met in college. Since then, they are madly in love (as you can see in the pictures bellow). They offered to do a photoshooting with me and they were exactly what I invisioned for my "Bohemian inspired shoot". I loved very minute of our fun, chilled session and I, for sure, want to photograph them again in the future.

For this shoot I was lucky enough to be sponsored by the talented Karolina Szabelski, an amazing florist from München, that made me such a beautiful bouquet. She has a wonderful flower shop called Classy Flowers which I definately reccomend you to visit if you are in search for the perfect wedding bouquet. You can see more of her work on  www.classy-flowers.de . 

I really hope you like this blog post. Press play to hear the song and enjoy scrolling!

Xoxo Lari