Hi, I'm Larisa, a 24 years old photographer with a bag full of dreams and a burning passion for adventure. I study  English and Sport Education at University of Regensburg which is also in the city where I am currently based. But if you are not from around here, distance is not a problem for me, I am always happy to travel and work with you.  I'm in love with nature, travelling and photography. I am always hungry to learn more, to be better and to push my creativity limits. If you are looking for someone to transform your special day into a story  that will make you relive all the beautiful moments, if you want to get your dress a little dirty, to let the wind play with your messy hair, hyke, climb, and make some fun memories while welcoming the sunrise or saying goodbye to a lovely sunset, write me and I'll be there every step of the way to document your love and your wild spirit. Let's  just start an adventure together!